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central florida bass fishing reports

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Fishing report Updated April 17 1 2015

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Watch Captain Lynda talk Bass fishing.

Captain Lynda talks Bass fishing in Lake County



        Scott and his daughter who were here playing softball went out on a 1/2 day guide trip and caught over 30 nice bass all of which were released.  They were using swim baits, drop shot rigs, Texas rigged watermelon red worms and shiners.  Mike Adkins and party had a great fishing trip and caught and released 27 nice bass on another 1/2 day trip.  Jack McKittrick had a 6 hour trip and caught and released so many bass we lost count.  Matt & Sophia from South Florida fished a watermelon red Producto Hot Rod, drop shot rigs and large shiners and caught  & released 24 nice sized bass.  Rick and Dan caught and released a 10 pound lunker out of one of the private lakes I fish.  This was a beautiful bass. They were fishing with a large shiner.  On another trip, Captain Marianne and her Mom & Dad; went out on a guided speck trip and caught over 80 nice big crappie up to almost 3 pounds.  They released all but 25 which they cleaned and ate.  We had a great time on all of these trips and I was very fortunate to have a chance to meet and fish with all of you.


Lakes Dora, Beauclair and Carlton are still producing a few specks out in open water fishing with a tight line and a Ron's Zip Jig or Ron's Fish Bite. Lake Monroe, around the markers in the channel is also still producing nice specks just no huge ones.  Also drifting from the North shoreline of Lake Monroe to the South side is also loaded with medium sized specks.


    The private lake I fish is all catch and release but it is loaded with some big bass.  The local small lakes are producing some nice sized bass. Free lining a shiner (without a bobber or weight) is still producing some of the bigger fish.  A slow falling sinking weightless worm (Producto’s Hot Rod works great) or a white and chartreuse spinner bait reeled in as slowly as possible, are both working quite well.  Be sure to lift up on your rod tip occasionally then let the spinnerbait slowly fall to make it look as like a fluttering bait fish.  If you think you are fishing too slow, slow down even more.  These baits can produce some huge bass but they have to be worked very slowly.  (You want to feel the blades pulling or turning)  Lake Dora, Lake Harris, Lakes Cypress, Toho and Lake Hatchinea are still giving up some nice bass on large shiners and flipping the heavy Kissimmee Grass.  Try a frog or Gamblers Big Easy over lily pads, topped out hydrilla and along weed lines for largemouth bass.  Gamblers Big Easy Swim Bait is a fun bait to throw and seems to produce larger bass.  When all else fails use the drop shot method.  This is very productive if you are a patient fisherman. 


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Tackle Tip
Attach a small float about 3 feet above your Zip-Jig or Fish Bite. Cast to the edges of pads and grass and use a erratic jerk and retrieve to attract feeding Specks and pan fish. Tip the jig with a minnow for best results. You can now order Ron's Zip Jig online. Only $1.59 ea.

For Bathymetric Maps Of All Florida Lakes Click Here

Central Florida Feeding Times February 2015

Sun 1

9:10 AM
2:10 PM
 Mon 2

9:55 AM
2:55 PM
Tue 3

10:40 AM
3:40 PM
Wed 4

11:25 AM
4:25 PM
Thur 5

12:10 PM
5:10 PM
Fri 6

12:55 PM
5:55 PM
  Sat 7

1:40 PM
6:40 PM
 Sun 8

2:25 PM
7:25 PM
  Mon 9

3:10 PM
8:10 PM
  Tue 10

4:00 PM
9:00 PM
 Wed 11

4:25 AM
9:25 AM
 Thur 12

5:15 AM
10:15 AM
 Fri 13

6:05 AM
11:05 AM
Sat 14

6:55 AM
11:55 AM
 Sun 15

7:45 AM
12:45 PM
 Mon 16

8:35 AM
1:35 PM

9:30 AM
2:30 PM
 Wed 18

10:25 AM
3:25 PM
 Thur 19

11:25 AM
4:25 PM
Fri 20

12:25 PM
5:25 PM
 Sat 21

1:25 PM
6:25 PM
 Sun 22

2:25 PM
7:25 PM
Mon 23

3:25 PM
8:25 PM
Tue 24

4:25 PM
9:25 PM
Wed 25

4:50 AM
9:50 AM
 Thur 26

5:40 AM
10:40 AM
 Fri 27

6:25 AM
11:25 AM
  Sat 28

7:10 AM
12:10 PM
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Big Lake, Florida, weather forecast

Lake Reports by Captain Lynda Hawkins

Harris Chain
Lake Griffin now has a 10 inch min size for Crappie.


St John's river Hybrid

St. Johns River
 Watch for schooling bass around the mouth of feeder creeks. Flip the lily pads along the banks for bass with a june-bug worm. Slow troll a shiner in the river channel for Stripers and Hybrid bass. Use a 1/2 to 1 oz egg sinker rigged above a swivel to keep the shiner deep. Use a 1/2 Oz White Buck Tail jig to fish the deep holes in the bends of the river. Bounce the jig off the bottom for best results.

 Fish the deep holes with night crawlers or shiners for bass and catfish. Beetle-Spins will catch a variety of fish, slow troll along the edges of grass and pads or cast near the cypress roots or sunken logs.
 Cast a black shad plastic worm near stumps, fallen trees and lily-pads for bass. Troll  small crank baits  in the last stretch of river before the St Johns. A noisy top water lure such as the Rattlin-Rogue will also work.

Use a cast net to catch Menhaden shad in the river. Great bait for Stripers, Sunshine Bass and Largemouth bass.

Lake Dorr

 Drifting mid lake in deep water is your best bet for specks. Slow troll a zip jig tipped with a minnow down deep.


Bear pond

 Located in Seminole WMA on Hwy 46
is a HOT spot for Channel Cats. This Lake
is stocked by Fish and Game and even has fish feeders. It's a great spot to take the kids. Bank fishing only. Bass must be released.
Access is from SR46 just west of the Wekiva River bridge.
Nite crawlers are best bait for channel cats.

Crappie (Speck)

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