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Drift Fishing For Crappie: Drift fish in open water is a great way to catch Crappie.

What you will need;

  •  Lite Spinning Tackle or Crappie Poles

  • Crappie rigs or Drift Rig

  • Marker bouys

  • Jigs

Where to fish;Since crappie school in open water, the hard part is locating them. If you have a topo map of the lake look for the deepest part and start there. Fish the area where there is a change in the lake depth. Usually shown in lines marked in feet. Flat featureless bottom can be eliminated.

 How to do it; Set up your drift so that the wind push's your boat along the change in bottom depth on the deep side. Use your trolling motor to correct the drift so you remain on course. A depth finder helps to keep you on the break and alerts you to fish. The weighted crappie rig just touch bottom so the bait about 18 to 24 inches off the bottom. Watch the rod tip, it will jiggle slightly as the weight drags along the bottom. If the tip of the rod remains still the weight is not in contact with the bottom. When using the drift rig the line should hang stright down. When you catch a fish drop one of the marker bouys to mark the spot. Continue to drift  until another fish is caught or about 50 yards, drop another bouy. This narrows your search. Fire up the big motor and  go around the two bouys and start drift about 50 yds ahead of the first bouy. Usually the fish will be concentrated in one area. There may be some structure or slight bottom change in that area. Continue drifting past the two bouys and hopefully you can catch a limit in that area.

You may have to try different bottom depths or another part of the lake. Just concentrate on those areas with depth change or underwater structure. The great part about this method is once you locate an area in the lake that  holds fish, you  can usually count on the fish being there most of the time.

Give it a try it works !!

Good Fishing  Joe.

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