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Betty Summer with a rod breaking bass. Caught in small lake in Apopka



John Gore and 11 year old grandson.
had a great trip to the Amazon. "Riley" and our guide "John" holding two 14lb peacock that we caught at the same time (double hookup) from a cruising school on the Marmelos River in the central Amazon region of Brazil on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008.
Both were taken on my own hand tied 9" long bucktail jigs.Riley and I caught 394 Peacock and another 30 other species such as Piranha, Payara, Bicuda, dogfish, mantres„o, etc. in 6 days of fishing. Our entire group of 9 anglers caught just short of 1700 peacock with the 14 lb'rs topping the scales. This was a father/son (and one daughter) trip specifically tailored to the kids....not big fish but big numbers.



Matt Moore with a nice 8 # Bass caught on wild shiners. Matt and his Dad were fishing a private Lake.


Logan's first Bass.

Caught out of Bear Pond on Hwy 46 using a shiner his dad got at Sorrento Bait & Tackle.  Photo from Bass N Gal Guide Service toll free @1-866-383-1893


Jeremy Hickman with a 30 # catfish
on the Wekiva River.


Patton Dobbs Nice catfish on the Wekiva River

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